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Split system air conditioning

At Air Conditioning Advisory Centre Brisbane, we have the experience, and skills to design and install a functional split air conditioning system in your residential or commercial building.

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How Does Split System AC Work?

The split system air conditioner works by circulating refrigerant between the indoor and outdoor units. The refrigerant absorbs heat from the indoor air, and then transfers that heat to the outdoor air.

Benefits of Split System Air Conditioning

A split air conditioning system has one of the most effective heat pump systems, which guarantees cool and comfortable air conditioning when used. Split systems have an attractive design, so these types of air conditioning systems will accentuate the beauty of your home, school or office. Split air conditioning systems are generally easier to install than other air conditioning systems such as ducted, are energy efficient, simple controls and easy to maintain.

Reduced AC Noise

Because the outdoor unit of a split system air conditioner is typically located outside the home, this means that the noisy compressor and condenser are not located inside the living space.

Increased AC Efficiency

Split system air conditioners are more efficient than traditional air conditioners because they don’t lose any cooled air through ductwork.

Flexible AC Installation

Split system air conditioners can be installed in a variety of locations, including on the wall, in the ceiling, or in the floor.

Get ready for summer with Aircon Advisory

Don't wait until summer to be sure your AC can handle the heat. Call the experts at Aircon Advisory for peace of mind and to ensure your unit is running at top performance.

Expert Split System Installation

Air Con Advisory are split system air conditioner installation experts. From designing the right Brisbane air conditioning system to getting the best products from trusted brands, installing the air conditioners, and maintaining them afterwards, we can help you with several services. Get in touch with us now at Air Conditioning Advisory Centre.

Professional Split System Service

Air Conditioning Advisory Centre Brisbane’s professional technicians are fully trained and qualified in the Australian standards of split system air conditioning installation, service, maintenance and repair. Air Conditioning Advisory’s in-house technicians deliver top-notch split system installation services designed to save you time and money. We make sure you are safe by providing quality installations and safety checks with every installation or service we provide.

Energy Efficient Split Systems

We offer split systems with superior performance, energy-efficiency and comfort no matter your interior spaces or lifestyle. We specialise in split system air conditioner installation in Brisbane in residences where space is limited. Since there are many options of split systems available; we will always discuss your requirements and make recommendations that will help you decide on choosing the split system that is suitable for your space.

Air Conditioning Advisory Centre Top Split System Installers

If you’re in Brisbane, you may be wondering whether a split system air conditioner is the right choice for you. Residents in Brisbane and surroundings rely on Air Conditioning Advisory Centre for split air conditioner installation. As the top company for split system air conditioners in Brisbane, we can help you decide if this type of AC is right for your home. If you have any further questions, be sure to consult with us to make your decision easy!

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