Air Con FAQs

Should I set the thermostat of my air conditioner to “on” or “auto”?

Your air conditioner’s thermostat should be most preferably set to auto. When it is set to auto, the fan will operate only when it is required of it. Also, it is usually the most used and preferred setting.

However, when you set the thermostat to “on”, air will constantly be filtered through your unit’s air filter and the constant air circulation will result in an even temperature throughout your house.

To determine the right setting, you need to take into consideration the construction of your home. At Air Conditioning Advisory Center, we can help you will all your air conditioning needs, as well as any questions that you might have.

How does an air conditioner work?

An air conditioner works by a series of processes. When the temperature in a room rises above the fixed point; the thermostat calls for the cooling of it.

The condenser is what cools the system down, and supplies refrigerant through a pipe to the coil. Warm air is then supplied from the environment through the duct system by the fan and passes through the coil. When the air passes through the coil, heat is then extracted and the humidity is condensed.

The cool air then circulates through the duct system, into your home until the set temperature is reached by the thermostat.

What does an air conditioning inspection mean?

Air conditioning inspection is the inspecting of air conditioners that are greater than 12kW. It is recommended by the Energy Performance of Building Directive, and it implores all owners of such type of air conditioner to arrange these inspections, in order to confirm that the air conditioners are working correctly and efficiently and that it is also suitable for that which it is intended for.

At Air Conditioning Advisory Centre, our expert technicians can advise you on when to set the inspection, and arrange for some members of our staff to be present during the inspections.

Can you help me repair my air conditioner?

At Air Conditioning Advisory Center, we can help you repair and also maintain your air conditioners. It does not really matter which supplier it was manufactured by. We repair common air conditioners that were not installed by us, and also take over the maintenance and repair that may not have been in use for a long period of time.

At every first visit, our expert technicians will properly assess the condition of your air conditioner and make expert recommendations as to what needs to be fixed, and those that need to be placed where necessary.

Are air conditioners expensive to own?

There is a general misconception in the general public that an air conditioner is expensive to own. While the costs of one type may vary from one to the other, from the purchasing to the installation, the overall cost usually depends on so many factors. Some of them include the average running time, cooling capacity, etc.

But generally speaking, air conditioners are economical and not as expensive as people make it seem. You can contact us at Air Conditioning Advisory Center to find out additional running costs of air conditioners, and also about cheaper and more pocket-friendly air conditioners.

My air conditioner is leaking, why do you think this is happening?

There are so many reasons why your air conditioner might be leaking. One of the reasons could be that the condensate that is being produced in the coils is either drained away or pumped to the environment outside.

If you notice that there is water running down your walls, then it might be right to say that a lot of the condensate is not being drained properly. You can schedule an inspection with our technicians to find the root cause of the leakage, as it could be a more serious issue and have it fixed for you.

Why should I have my air conditioner serviced?

You should service your air conditioner if you want it to work well and for a long time. Although all machines are prone to wears and tears, and with time eventually die, an un-serviced air conditioner will get to the end stage more quickly.

When you service your air conditioner regularly, you can extend its lifetime, reduce the amount of energy it consumes as well as make it qualify for a full warranty of up to 10 years, as opposed to the regular one year warranty. We can help you schedule regular servicing of your unit to extend its life.

How often do I need to have my air conditioner maintained?

How frequent you maintain your air conditioner depends on the type you have in your home. For domestic units that are not in constant use, which are used for only cooling, it is required that you service it once a year.

Office units, on the other hand, need to be maintained at least twice a year in order for it to work efficiently. If your air conditioner is in an area with very high levels of contaminants and pollution, such as the kitchen, you need to carry out more regular maintenance.

My neighbours cover their air conditioner during the winter, should I cover mine too?

No. At Air Conditioning Advisory Center, we do not recommend covering your air conditioners during winter, as it can cause more harm than good. Covering them does not really protect it from dust, as it does not get dirty when it is not being used.

Also, a lot of people forget to remove the covers from them before they begin to turn in on during spring and summer. Covers can also trap moisture which can lead to the damage of your unit. Our expert technicians can provide you with maintenance tips for your air conditioner.

The air conditioner in my home doesn’t cool well enough. Should I get a higher capacity one?

Not necessarily. Before you bought your air conditioner, did you find out if it was the right fit? If you didn’t, use the BTU calculator to find the required capacity for your home.

If you are using the right capacity for your home, it means that there might be a problem with your unit or your home is not insulated properly.

Our technicians at Air Conditioning Advisory Center can help you find out what is causing your home to not cool properly, and have it fixed for you.

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