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Mitsubishi air conditioners Brisbane are known to be at the forefront of technology and innovation, making them a great investment.

For many years, Mitsubishi has produced topnotch commercial and residential systems that have been widely adopted worldwide and are reported to have lasted longer than their counterparts.

Why Mitsubishi Air Conditioners Brisbane?

As experts in Mitsubishi air conditioners Brisbane, we know these units were created with one goal in mind: to provide maximum comfort during the lifespan of the product while protecting the environment. This is applied in every step of the Mitsubishi aircon’s lifecycle—from the drawing board to the recycling centre. As specialists in Mitsubishi air conditioners Brisbane we know that a Mitsubishi aircon unit will give you a great experience.

Energy efficiency with Mitsubishi air conditioners Brisbane

Mitsubishi puts a strong emphasis on creating an energy efficient Mitsubishi aircon unit. We are highly experienced with Mitsubishi air conditioners Brisbane, and have seen the many benefits they bring to the users. With the right Mitsubishi air conditioners Brisbane you can potentially reduce energy wastage in a home or office, which translates to lower monthly electricity bills. This reduction in energy usage also means lesser environmental impact.

Mitsubishi air conditioners Brisbane use innovative technologies

The “Poki-Poki Motor,” a unique motor developed by Mitsubishi Electric in Japan using joint lapping technique, powers Mitsubishi air con units. It operates based on a high magnetic, high density force that guarantees Mitsubishi aircon efficiency.

When we install Mitsubishi air conditioners Brisbane they feature a magnetic flux vector sine wave drive – a microprocessor that converts the compressor motor’s electrical current waveform to a sine wave, thus resulting in higher efficiency and reduced energy loss. Other technologies are also present in Mitsubishi air conditioners Brisbane including a vector-wave eco inverter, a pulse amplitude modulation control and power receiver and twin LEV control.

Mitsubishi air conditioners Brisbane that cater to every need

Mitsubishi Electric promotes energy savings, efficient performance and minimal maintenance through its units. Mitsubishi has released a full range of air conditioner solutions that cater to the needs of every customer.

As Mitsubishi air conditioners Brisbane specialists we provide Mitsubishi air con units in different types: from simple room air conditioners to more sophisticated ducted air conditioning systems, all featuring the best technologies from Mitsubishi Electric and following the highest quality standards. No matter the type of building or room size, the company has something to cater to the needs of its growing clientele.

Investing in Mitsubishi air conditioners Brisbane from Mitsubishi Electric is a worthwhile investment. The company’s reliability in creating only the best products like Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners combined with the expertise of our installation technicians will help ensure that your home or office is the most comfortable environment you can be in.

For more information on buying a Mitsubishi electric air conditioner and having it installed in your home or office space by experts, visit

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