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If you have a Daikin Brisbane air conditioner, then you probably want to know how to make it last.

As a Daikin Brisbane specialist we know that it is the brand of choice for many customers. Since 1924, the company has manufactured residential, commercial and industrial heating and cooling products that have benefited many homeowners and businesses. A Daikin Brisbane air conditioner is a great investment but it’s important to keep it running at its optimal performance. We know through delivery of our Daikin air conditioning Brisbane products how to extend the life of your Daikin unit, here we explain how.

How to Make Your Daikin Air Conditioner Brisbane Last

Like any air conditioning system, you should know the importance of properly maintaining your Daikin Brisbane air conditioner unit. For one, it leads to lower electricity consumption, it keeps the air clean and it saves you from having to call a Daikin air conditioning service Brisbane too often. So, how do you maintain your Daikin Brisbane air conditioner.

Filter cleaning should be a habit

Any obstruction or blockage to your Daikin Brisbane air conditioner filter can lead to poor air intake that could skyrocket your utility bills in an instant. If you want to avoid this, you must make filter cleaning a habit. Experts recommend that your filter should be cleaned at least every two weeks, especially during the hot summer months. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, you can always call for a Daikin air conditioning cleaner Brisbane. You should also replace the air purifying filter of your Daikin Brisbane air conditioner every three years to maintain the efficiency of your unit.

Maintain the exterior of your Daikin Brisbane air conditioner

Of course, you’d want your unit to look as good as when you first had it installed, and this is possible with proper air conditioning maintenance. You can easily clean the exterior of the unit with a soft cloth with a small amount of natural detergent and warm water to get rid of any accumulated dust and dirt. You can also have the exterior thoroughly cleaned when you hire a Daikin service expert.

Practice proper on and off procedures

One of the best ways to ensure that your Daikin Brisbane air conditioner stays efficient for a long time is to follow the right on and off procedures. For instance, if you’re using your air conditioner for the first time after a long break, make sure to clean the filter first and if possible, call a Daikin air conditioning service Brisbane to check if the cooling fan in the rear part of your unit is dirty.

If you’re leaving your house for a while to go on a holiday, make sure that your Daikin Brisbane air conditioner is properly turned off. Turn the unit in fan mode for 12 hours before shutting it down. This will help dry the unit completely. This way, you won’t need a Daikin air conditioning service Brisbane too soon. Also, make sure to cut off the power supply to prevent the unit from consuming electricity even when you’re not using it.

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