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The unforgiving Australian climate makes air conditioning a must-have. Yet as we enjoy the comfort they bring, we have to contend with rising electricity bills. But it isn’t all bad news. Here’s some tips on how to save electricity with an air conditioner.

Set the temperature a little higher this summer

Air conditioning Brisbane experts at the Air Conditioning Advisory Centre say this is one tip that will really make a difference to your electricity bill. The most common AC temperature customers set their systems to during summer in Queensland is between 21 – 23°. However, setting the AC temperature at 24° or 25° can still be comfortable, while saving you a lot on on your energy bill. You can apply the same principle to winter too. Adjusting the temperature just a few degrees can make a big difference.

Only cool the spaces you are using

If you have a central AC system use the zoning options to ensure you are only cooling or warming areas that are being used. Alternatively, you can invest in a portable AC or split system that will only cool/warm the space you are in.

Replace older AC Units with newer and more energy efficient ones

If you want to know how to save electricity with an air conditioner, look at the energy rating on your current AC. The more the stars, the more energy efficient the AC is and the cheaper it is to run. Unfortunately, older models often have fewer stars and consume a lot of energy. Investing in a new and more energy efficient AC unit will save you more money in the long run.

Choose the right AC unit for your property

Homes and spaces with high ceilings or too many windows are much harder to warm or cool. The size of the rooms that need cooling or warming will determine the kind of AC you should buy. If you need help picking the right one, our air conditioning Brisbane experts are on hand to help you choose one.

Keep yourself warm during winter

Keep yourself warm by wearing a jumper, warm pair of socks and drinking a hot cup of tea or coffee. For those moments when you are relaxing, cover yourself with an electric blanket. These are much more energy efficient measures compared to relying on the AC to keep your entire house warm. In summer, wearing lighter clothing will keep you cooler.

Save With the Air Conditioning Advisory Centre

At the Air Conditioning Advisory Centre, we are more than happy to advise on the best energy saving solutions for your needs. We offer air conditioning installation, servicing and repair services for both residential and commercial premises.

Call 07 3285 7944 to find out more on how to save electricity with an air conditioner.

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