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During the summer, when the temperature rises, it is crucial to know how to keep your rooms cool and comfortable. One good way people get around the heat is by using air conditioners, fans, and coolers at home or in their offices.

Situations often arise when all these appliances that can be used for reducing heat are not readily available. Often, people become apprehensive as this period draws near each year because they do not have an AC or cooler in their room.

However, even if you do not have these appliances, it does not mean you cannot keep your room cool during summer. In fact, there are tips you can follow that will provide you with the comfort level you expect from these appliances without the necessity of an AC or cooler.

Keep Your Room Cool During Summer

Air conditioning and coolers are popular appliances used for cooling spaces. However, these appliances can be expensive to install and operate, and their use can strain the environment.

However, this does not mean you need to suffer the scorching summer heat, as there are alternatives you can explore. There are several reasons you need to keep your room cool during summer. If the temperature is too high, it can lead to discomfort, dehydration, and fatigue.

All these can negatively impact your health and general well-being. In addition, when your room is too hot, it will be difficult for you to sleep or concentrate on any task you may set out to do.

Problems Associated with AC and Coolers

Air conditioners and coolers may be effective for office and home cooling during hot periods, but these appliances have downsides. They can be expensive to operate, especially if you must keep them running for extended periods.

In addition, they need a significant amount of energy, which harms the environment. If all these are not worrisome, the fact that air conditioners and coolers can be responsible for health problems such as headaches, respiratory issues, and dry skin is a cause for concern.

How to Keep a Room Cool Without AC and Cooler

Fortunately, you do not have to depend totally on air conditioners or coolers, as there are other ways you can quickly achieve room cooling. Not only are these methods affordable, but they are also environmentally friendly. Some alternative ways to keep your room cool include fans, plants, light colours, proper ventilation, curtains, and blinds.

Use of curtains and blinds

Curtains can serve as great alternatives to air conditioning and coolers. Some of these curtains and blinds that can effectively keep a room cool during the summer heat include:

Black curtains

They use heavy fabrics in making these curtains, making them fit for blocking heat and sunlight from penetrating the room. They are ideal for living rooms and bedrooms.

Sheer curtains

Curtains of this type are made of transparent fabrics, which are lightweight and permit light to enter a room but would block heat. They are perfect for use in dining rooms and kitchens.

Cellular curtains 

These shades are made of several layers of fabric and can trap air between them. The trapped air provides insulation against heat. They are the right choice for living rooms, bedrooms, and home offices.

How to Install Curtains and Blinds for Best Cooling

For your curtains and blinds to be effective in keeping your room cool, you should know how to install them properly. Below are some tips for the proper installation of curtains and blinds:

  • Ensure that the curtains and blinds are installed to the windows as close as possible. Doing this will reduce the amount of heat that enters the room.
  • Use curtains or blinds wider than the window itself and can cover the entire window. This will prevent heat from finding its way through the sides of the window.
  • Use curtain rods that are long enough to extend beyond the window frame. This will allow the curtains or blinds to hang freely and will be able to maximise the cooling effect they are intended for.

Proper Ventilation Will Keep You Cool in Summer

Proper ventilation should be part of your plan when building a home or one of the things you look out for when renting an apartment or office. It is necessary to maintain a cool and comfortable indoor environment.

With good ventilation, cool air can circulate properly, remove stale air and odours, and displace hot air in the room. At this point, humidity levels can also get reduced.

How to improve ventilation in your room during summer

There are different approaches you can take in your attempt to improve the ventilation in your room. The following are some of them:

  • Installing exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen can help get rid of humidity and steam.
  • Open up the doors and windows to cause airflow to bring fresh air into the room.
  • You can use a ceiling fan or standalone fan to create air currents and circulation in the room.
  • Install ducts or air vents through which air can flow in and out of the room.   

Importance of proper ventilation in your room during summer

You can enjoy many benefits by living in an adequately ventilated room during summer. Some of them are:

  • You can avoid the risk of some respiratory issues that are caused by poor air quality.
  • The amount of moisture in the room will be reduced, and this will inhibit the growth of mould and mildew.
  • Since the humidity levels will be reduced and air circulation improved, the comfort level will be increased.
  • As air conditioning will not be used, energy costs will be reduced.

Proper maintenance of the home keeps it cool in summer

You must know how to properly maintain your room so that it will remain cool during summer. You don't have to rely on using an AC or cooler before achieving this. A poorly maintained room will be hot and stuffy, and the discomfort can discourage you from staying there.

Additionally, where proper maintenance is not done, there can be an accumulation of dirt, dust, and other particles that reduce air quality in the room. All these can lead to respiratory issues for anybody that chooses to stay in such spaces.

It is apparent that proper room maintenance is necessary to ensure that it remains cool and is safe for people to live or work there. The following are some of the steps you can take to keep your room cool and adequately maintained during summer:

Regular cleaning

Ensure that the room is cleaned at all times to get rid of dust and dirt that may have accumulated over time. This exercise should include cleaning the walls, ceiling, floors, and furniture.

Air filter replacement

If you have an air filter in the room, make sure it is replaced regularly to give room for clean air circulation.

Proper storage

Ensure you store items away correctly, so there is no clutter around the room. Doing this will promote the circulation of clean air in the room.

Check for leaks

Check for where there may be leaks in doors and windows and fix them where possible. This will prevent hot air from entering the room.

Use natural cleaning products

There are different cleaning products in the market today. Make sure to use only natural cleaning products instead of chemicals because they can pollute the air and adversely affect its quality.

Invite a Professional to Offer You Advice

These tips have worked through the ages and are still very effective. Your room should be a haven where you can retire after the day's work and should offer you comfort even during the summer heat. Therefore, keeping your room cool without AC or cooler during the hot summer months shouldn't be a hassle.

However, suppose these methods aren't keeping you cool enough. In that case, you can consult a professional and let them give you more advice on how to arrange your room better so that you create a better airflow and reduce the heat that makes you uncomfortable.

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