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If you’re thinking of getting an AC unit but concerned about your electricity bills – and your carbon footprint – you should seriously consider split system air conditioning installation.

What is a split system air conditioner?

A split system AC, or ductless system, is a cooling solution designed for specific areas in your home or office building. It is a popular choice among many homes and offices for the efficient cooling system it delivers.

Perhaps you only wanted an AC for the bedroom or the nursery. Maybe you only want it in the living room so that you can relax in the midst of the sweltering summer heat. The split system air conditioner helps you cool down only the specific areas you want, and gives you control on how long you want it to run.

As part of split system air conditioner installation, two separate units will be put in place. The indoor unit has an evaporator and a fan, and the outside unit has a compressor and a condenser. The indoor unit blows in the cool air, and the compressor releases the hot air outside.

Reverse cycle split system air conditioner installation can also ensure you remain warm during winter.

What are the advantages of split system air conditioner installation?

Split system air conditioner installation has some specific advantages.

  • It offers flexibility: When you want to cool individual rooms but not the whole house or building, installing a split system AC is the best solution. You can run multiple air conditioners on one compressor, and you get to control the temperature for each room. It also allows you to cool as few or as many rooms as you like.
  • It is easy to install: A split AC only needs a three-inch hole for the pipe that links the internal unit to the external unit. Window AC’s need an opening bigger than the unit itself and ducted air conditioning requires more labour to install the system.
  • Provides maximum comfort: A ductless AC is generally quieter than a window AC. It is the perfect AC to use in bedrooms because it functions quietly, thanks to the installation of the noisy parts in the external unit located outside. So you can’t hear any noise coming out of the unit.
  • Cost Saver: The upfront cost for split system air conditioner installation is cheaper when you compare it to ducted air conditioner systems. A split AC also blows air directly into the room so no energy is lost. It also cools a room faster, and since you get full control of the temperature, you can decide when you stop the cooling process or when to continue.
  • Lower carbon footprint: We want to be comfortable but not at the expense of our environment. Since more businesses and homes prefer split air conditioners, it generally gets more time in research and development. Split systems today use an environmentally friendly refrigerant, thus lowering your carbon footprint.

When you want consistent and maximum comfort using an energy efficient system, split system air conditioner installation is your best choice.

Find out more from the split system air conditioner installation experts, the Air Conditioning Advisory Centre. Contact Us today!

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