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Looking for a ducted air conditioning unit that can keep you comfortable all year round? You should consult the experts in ducted air conditioning Brisbane residents and businesses rely on.

Not sure if ducted air conditioning is the right option for you? Then read on to find out more about ducted air conditioning Brisbane.

Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane

Ducted air conditioning is a great option for Brisbane residents and businesses as it offers the reverse cycle air conditioning feature available with other AC units.

This feature lets the air heat up or cool down depending on what you want. Aside from this, when it comes to ducted air conditioning Brisbane, property owners can enjoy other significant benefits including:

  • Zoning to heat or cool different areas at different times
  • Refrigerated ducted air conditioning dehumidifies space
  • The system can be controlled through wi-fi applications. It allows full control of the system from a smartphone or device.
  • Larger coverage can be achieved
  • Minimal noise disturbance

Ideal Places to Install Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane

Zonal regulation is a key component of ducted air conditioning Brisbane properties can benefit from. This feature allows greater distribution of air throughout the room.

Due to this feature, ducted air conditioning is ideal for houses with room divisions. You can walk around the house in complete comfort free from hot or cold spots.

It can also work best for offices, as it guarantees less disturbance. With this, you’re ensured that there is minimal distracting noise that is typically experienced with individual AC units.

Different Types of Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane

There are a few different options for ducted air conditioning Brisbane residents and businesses can choose from. Your selection will depend upon your property and specific needs.

  • Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning: Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning has a condenser unit outside of your home or office. This condenser is then connected to a series of ducts, which distributes the refrigerated air evenly in the room. Because of having the compressor located outside, it also has minimal noise.
  • Ducted Refrigerated Variable Refrigerant Flow Air Conditioner: This type of system is ideal for multi-storey homes that have small space for ducting to go into. With a compact design, they offer each zone an air conditioning control. They also provide high-quality components and high energy efficiency.

What to consider when choosing your Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane system?

  • The plan of the building where you want your air conditioning unit installed
  • Door and windows dimension and orientation
  • Type of construction and insulation elements
  • Building occupants, and how many people occupy each room at one time. And also the purpose of each zone or location.

For comfort regardless of the season, ducted air conditioning Brisbane is an ideal cooling and warming solution.

To learn more about ducted air conditioning Brisbane, contact the Air Conditioning Advisory Centre now!

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