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Look After Your Home Air Conditioner

One of the main reasons why the domestic air conditioner packs up is because homeowners simply don’t notice the warning signs.

As a homeowner, once you know what to look for, it’ll help stop further damage in the future. An air conditioner is expensive to replace, so it’s important that you look after it, so that it lasts for as long as possible.

What Are the Main Signs of a Failing Air Conditioner

It is really not that difficult to tell when your air conditioner might be failing. Most people notice the signs sometimes, but then they usually think it’s in their head. Most people just wait until the air conditioner packs up before calling for it to be repaired.

Outlined below are 5 signs that your homes air conditioner might be failing.

1. Your Air Conditioner is Not Cooling Enough

You may find out that your A/C unit is not cooling enough, even when you put it on full blast. This is usually one of the tell-tale signs that your unit is in need of service or repairs. It can mean that the unit’s compressor has failed, or that the Freon level is too low.

A qualified technician will help you identify the cause, and fix it before any further damage your unit.

2. Weak Air Flow from Your A/C Unit

Your unit might be in need of service & repairs if you notice weak or poor air flow through the vents. This may also mean that the compressor of your air con unit is failing. If you notice that some rooms are receiving cold air and others aren’t, the problem might be from the duct, which means your unit needs to be repaired.

To fix this problem doesn’t cost that much, but the resulting damage can cost you so a lot more.

3. Leakage or Moisture Around Your Air Con

When there is moisture or leakage around the area where your air conditioner is, it might be an indication of a problem. Moisture or leakages can be as a result of either the refrigerant leaking which can pose serious problems to the home & your family, or the drain tubes that dispose of the unit’s condensation are broken or blocked.

This problem can be tackled easily, so address it as soon as you notice it.

4. There an Odor coming from Your A/C Unit

If you start to notice strange or foul smells when your air conditioner is turned on, it most likely means that your air conditioner’s insulation wire has burnt out.

If you notice a musty smell, it most likely means that a mold has grown inside your air conditioner, which must be taken out immediately, to prevent irreparable damage to your air con unit.

5. Your Air Con Sounds Odd/ Different

When you hear certain strange sounds coming from your air conditioner, it means that there is a problem somewhere. Grinding, squealing or grating sounds from your air conditioner might be a sign that you need to repair the whole A/C unit because there is something seriously wrong with the unit.

Failure to service the unit as soon as you notice any strange sounds will eventually result in a total breakdown, which will cost you a lot more to repair or replace.

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