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There are various cooling options that people can use during hot weather. However, air conditioning remains the most popular, so it is no surprise that many homes have air conditioners installed to give them comfort. Regrettably, however, some homes do not have these appliances installed in some or all of their rooms.

This could be for various reasons. While air conditioners are worth investing in, they are not compulsory, and in fact, there are different ways you can cool your room without using one of these appliances. You can apply the creative tricks mentioned in this post to cool your room during the hot summer months. Read on!

Why Do People Choose To Forgo AC Installation

Homeowners may choose to forgo the installation of AC units in some or all of the rooms in their homes. Some of the reasons for doing this are outlined below:

Insufficient budget

A cost is attached to air conditioning installation in a room. A reasonable sum of money is needed for the purchase, and the installation process will require a professional's services. Depending on the number of rooms a homeowner would want to install the air conditioners, the amount of money needed may not be readily available.

Energy bills

Using air conditioners in homes comes with the accumulation of energy bills. When these cooling appliances are used constantly, energy bills pile up rather quickly. Homeowners may either reduce the number of air cons and the number of hours they are used or choose not to use them only when they deem it necessary to cut down on their energy bills.

Disturbance from noise

Although some air conditioners generate minimal noise, most make audible noises, which some may find distracting. In some homes, facilities, or offices, absolute tranquillity is required. This is especially true for people who visit such places as libraries or study rooms. Such individuals may not appreciate the noise these air conditioners make when used.

Remote areas

In some areas where there aren't modern facilities, there may be no electrical power to enable the use of air conditioners. Some such places include country homes that are usually far from modern cities.

Ways You Can Cool Your Room Without AC

Whether living in a country home or the city, you will certainly desire the comfort a cool environment gives, especially when you retire to your bedroom for sleep. You can employ various tricks and home improvement ideas to keep cool in bed.

The reward for using any of them successfully is improved sleep quality. One of the most critical factors in staying and feeling cool while sleeping is your choice of suitable bedding materials.

If you do not have an air con in your room for cooling, the following are helpful methods you can apply to provide you with a similar cooling effect to an air conditioner.

Cover windows

If you leave your windows open during the period the sun blazes the hottest during the day, a considerable amount of heat will be trapped in the room. When the sun is blazing hot outside, you should do all you can to block the sun rays from entering the room. You can use awnings or shutters on the exterior of your windows, while you can use blinds and curtains on the inside.

You can also choose different indoor window covering options such as insulated curtains, shades, frosting, or tinting your windows. All these protective barriers are not only energy-efficient, but they can also block the heat rays from the sun entering your room.

Optimise the use of fans

Using a fan in a room with no AC is an excellent option for keeping it cool, although you may have to get creative with it in order to get the most out of it. You can create a cross-breeze cooling effect by placing a fan across from a distance to an open window.

You can use a window box fan to blow a cool breeze into your room during the coolest period of the day. The same appliance can blow hot air outward during the warmest period of the day.

If you place a bowl of ice at a preferred angle in front of your fan, it should give you an extra gust of chilled air. You can also use a ceiling fan to achieve similar results. Adjusting it to rotate anticlockwise will pull hot air up in the room and expel it.

Use exhaust fans

Kitchen exhaust fans and bathroom fans work to extract heat and humidity from within a home. When you use these exhaust fans more regularly, heat will be withdrawn from rooms in your home, and your room can maintain its coolness when you need to sleep.

If you have an exhaust fan near your bedroom or in the ensuite attached, endeavour to turn the exhaust fans on during the day. Doing this during this period can help to effectively keep your rooms cool.

Turn off lights

It is still a wonder why some people still love incandescent bulbs. For starters, they are not energy efficient, and in addition, they use just about 10% of their power to give off their light.

The remaining 90% is given off in the form of heat. By replacing these bulbs with light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs, your room can stay cool while you reduce your energy expenses at the same time. Another thing you should keep in mind is to switch off overhead lighting or lamps when not in use.

Dump heat-producing appliances

Changing your cooking routine can also be of great help here. Try grilling outdoors instead of using your oven in the kitchen. Another option is to take meals that don't require heating.

Some of these options include; veggies, fruit-based dishes, and cold salads. Try as much as possible to avoid any extended use of small appliances that give off heat, such as microwaves, toasters, or dryers.

Leave your windows open at night

As soon as the sun sets, open your windows for a cool night breeze. You can use screens where pests like mosquitoes and flies are prevalent at night. However, it would be best to keep in mind to close the windows and draw back the curtain before day breaks to prevent trapping any heat inside the room again.

Heat-proof your bed

Depending on the material your bed is made of, it can easily trap heat. This is even more so as the body heat is released at night and absorbed by the mattress and pillows. A cooling mattress, sheets, pillows, or mattress pad can help to wick away the moisture and body heat from your body while in bed.

You can use cotton or linen sheets, which can help you stay cool in bed during the hot summer months. Another trick you can use is slightly dampening your sheets with a light mist of water from a spray bottle before you get into bed.

If you pair this with a fan, evaporation will give you maximum cooling benefits. One odd trick that works well if you are up for the task is to pop your bedding into the freezer before you spread them and sleep for the night.

Stay low and sleep low

Hot air rises quickly, so the coolest air in the room is found closest to the ground. You should consider sleeping on a couch in the basement for once or on the ground floor of your home. An alternative arrangement is to place your mattress on the floor to take advantage of the cooler air.

Pay more attention to your body temperature

Apart from trying to cool the temperature in your room, you can focus more on your body temperature. You can utilise a cold compress or ice packs to pulse points such as your wrists and neck to bring down your body temperature during the hot summer months. Make smart clothing choices by picking light and loose, breathable cotton fabrics that do not absorb heat.

Let a Professional Check Your Cooling System

A smart home is a dream most people would want to be fulfilled. At the push of a button, they can have whatever they want. However, having such a home is costly, but you can still maintain a cool room without any of these sophisticated appliances.

Your bedroom should not be excluded from your plans for a cooling upgrade. Especially if you have a fan in your bedroom and have tried the tips given here with no result, it could be the right time to invite an HVAC expert to come in and look. They can provide you with the right cooling solutions for your needs and budget.

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